Floral diversity is amazing! And this is just visual diversity...

I am an evolutionary ecologist.

I use flowers as a nexus for asking questions in ecology and evolutionary biology across scales of biological organization, from genomics and plant metabolism to community dynamics and large-scale meta-analyses. I’m currently working on an artic-alpine perennial in mountainous areas across Europe. I did my Ph.D. research in annual wildflower communities in the southern Sierra Nevada foothills in California. As a research associate, I worked on a perennial herb common in wet meadows in eastern North America.


November 2021

New paper out in Functional Ecology here! This was something I worked on with my lab at Cornell starting in spring 2020 and that we carried on during lockdown, so it is super exciting to see it come out.
August 2021

I just got back from a short but sweet trip to the French Alps to check out some populations of Arabis alpina that might be part of our 2022 field campaign. It was awesome to see the plants on the slopes of the Alps at elevations around 2,500 meters, and I had a great time at the lovely Jardin du Lautaret.
July 2021

Finally, finally starting my postdoc at Lund University! Very excited to be working with Magne Friberg, Anna Runemark, and the rest of the team to try to figure out why there is so much variation in the floral scent of Arabis alpina. Looking forward to learning genomics and transcriptomics and hopefully spending a lot of time in the Alps next field season!

In other exciting news, a paper I co-authored from a collaboration that was in the works for a long time is now out in Theoretical Ecology here. We demonstrate how the Price Equation can be used to estimate biodiversity change in communities.
May 2021

I'm very excited to say that the fourth publication from my dissertation work is now available here, in early view at The American Naturalist! In this manuscript I provide evidence for character displacement in floral scent in Clarkia.
August 2020

The third publication from my dissertation work is now out in an issue at Evolution! This project was a multi-year study that examines how community context shapes selection on floral traits in Clarkia. You can check out the paper here, and a digest that was written about the paper here.

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